About this page

Here I dump random, cool-looking stuff.



Hobby projects

Various images, animations and videos from my Diary and Projects, or from elsewhere.

A toy car in my wind tunnel.

Fourier transform (analogous to a diffraction pattern) of a polycrystalline graphene system modeled with PFC.

Another PFC system of polycrystalline graphene, where the local crystallographic orientation is color-coded.

Animation demonstrating how my program optimizes the arrangement of Hama beads of a limited selection of colors to conform visually to a given target image. You can start the animation by clicking on the last image, but it's a big file so patience is needed.

Crafts and arts


Clay Jack-o'-lanterns, and Kung Fu Panda, WALL-E and Eddie made out of Hama beads by me and my girlfriend. Last, my vacuum cleaner-powered wind tunnel and my tour skates with ski bindings for kite(wing) ice skating.


Some pictures I've taken. The former is unprocessed (a super-lucky shot taken with a pocket camera) while the latter is not.


Below are mp3s of some of my own compositions. Honor for the guitar solos of "Letkee" and "Progeilua" is due to my old friends; also the keyboard chords of "Rifdi" are made by a friend. These tracks are all played purely by a computer and all are instrumental. The genre is experimental metal music of some sort. You may find the song names misleading.

Physical activities

Some rare instances of me not sitting in front of a monitor. The photo with us next to a crack in ice is by Jussi Kilpeläinen; the others not by me I can't remember.