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Master of science (4.8.2015)

Master of science (4.8.2015)

At the time of my previous update, I was working towards starting my master's thesis project, by familiarizing myself with the phase field crystal (PFC) model. Since then, I've now finished my thesis and have graduated to the degree of master of science in technology. While graduating took me a bit over six academic years—having subtracted, for example, my civil service period from the total duration—I'm proud, both of my grades and the ensemble of courses that I completed. In our degree program, the materials science studies, in my mind, give too much weight to metallurgy, which, albeit a practical choice considering the Finnish industry, doesn't serve my interests that well. This is why, in my minor, special and elective studies, I strived for extending my skill set towards micro- and nanotechnology, and computational modeling of related systems. I didn't choose easy credits, rather countless hours of sitting down and doing the math or writing code.

I've also been accepted as a doctoral candidate in Aalto University School of Science, and will thus continue to pursue a doctorate. For the next four years or so, I'll be occupied with research. The tentative title for my doctoral thesis is "Phase field crystal modeling of two-dimensional materials", so I'll be building on my master's thesis work. I haven't had much time to do new research yet—instead I've written, of course, the application for doctoral studies and a few grant proposals, designed a poster, attended a workshop at McGill University in Montreal, done some studying and started working on my first research article. I'll also be attending a course at the 25th Jyväskylä summer school in two weeks and some other courses during the fall. My next possible research projects include 2D trijunctions, transport properties in polycrystalline graphene and surface ordering of monolayers on different substrates. As science is self-correcting, I can't promise addressing all three, but I've already fooled around with the former two.

In terms of this website, I've added a new report in the projects page, updated the profile and miscellaneous pages and done some overall adjustments. The new report is about image stacking, i.e., combining the information from multiple shots to get a single high-quality image. I was able to stack a relatively detailed image of the Moon, and to bring out dozens of stars in the constellation of Pleiades. In my profile, I, of course, updated the information regarding my now-completed master's studies.

While in Montreal, I wrote two interactive PFC simulators—one for amplitude equations and the other for plain PFC—that let one observe the evolution of the system in real time, and, to use the mouse to convert parts of the lattice into supercooled liquid. This latter feature can be very useful if one is stuck with a metastable structure of some sort or wants to disturb the system for some other reason. These tools aren't going to be very efficient in terms of computational performance, rather they are intended for certain special cases where the human element is needed. I'm not satisfied with the simulators yet, but I'll work on them and publish the results in the near future. I'll probably include the possibility to use the mouse to apply noise to anneal the systems locally, and to select and copy parts of the lattice elsewhere with the mouse. My second project will be to write efficient, parallelized fast Fourier transform routines. This should be a perfect project for me because I want to work on something that's not too broad of a topic and let's me focus on the performance. I'll finally get to experiment with CUDA. Well, I've already become acquainted with CUDA on a couple of courses, but that doesn't count...

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Master of Science (4.8.2015)

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